Programmes for Primary School

Unique experential learning opportunities and after-school programmes for our primary students

At GESS International School, we believe in giving our students the freedom to grow and develop their interests, through our specialist after-school programmes and unique learning opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom.

Our programmes are taught by professional tutors and educators who mentor and guide our students to discover their passions as well as build confidence.

We believe in offering a personalised and unique school experience for each of our students. With over 100 after-school activities and programmes to choose from, there is truly a world of opportunities for our students to discover.


  • Dedicated swimming programme
  • Over 20 after-school sports activities
  • Competitive sports teams for boys and girls
  • Sports competitions including competitive matches with other international schools in Singapore
  • GESS Swim Gala and Sports Day
  • GESS Volkswagen Cup

Find out more about sports and swimming programmes.

Music and arts

  • Instruments With Class is an 8-week programme where students learn violin, viola or cello
  • Showcases and performances
  • Vocal and Instrument Programme (VIP) private professional music lessons
  • String Ensemble
  • Wind Instrument Programme
  • Dance CCA

Find out more about arts and music programmes.


  • Lego WeDo programme
  • Robotics programme
  • Aviators Club
  • Maths Extension Programme
  • Digital Literacy Programme
  • Integrated Technology Skills

Leadership and global citizenship

  • Grade assemblies and public speaking
  • Student-led showcases and exhibitions
  • Peer Support Programme
  • Student Council
  • Junior Entrepreneurs Club
  • Global Citizens programme
  • Over 6 enrichment and school trips per year
  • Community projects