Beyond Classrooms

The exclusive and award-winning BeyondClassrooms programme gives our students opportunities to extend their learning beyond the walls of the classroom and into the real world. GESS International School partners with leading global companies and organisations, offering our students unique, real-world experiences.

How our students benefit

Preparing our students to be global citizens and to be successful in a changing world is a guiding statement for our international school. The rich and unique experiences offered by our partners in the BeyondClassrooms programme give our students deep, real-world insights into the working world. These hands-on experiences are highly motivating and provide a powerful, real-world connection to the teaching and learning taking place in the classroom.

Through the BeyondClassrooms programme, our students have real-life experiences where they can explore their interests and discover passions, helping them to make better choices for their future beyond school.

Unique activities and experiences

Internships with leading global companies

Industry expert talks

Site and factory visits

Career counselling and guidance

Expert coaching and mentoring

Opportunities to collaborate on unique projects

BeyondClassrooms Partners