Our Values

We have strong community foundations and believe in developing confident, forward-looking students through a celebration of respect, openness and diversity.


We show respect to each individual, diverse cultures and origins, heritage in arts, humanities and science as well as our community and our environment.


We are open to different opinions and ideas, we learn from our past successes and failures and also adapt to trends to stay relevant


We build a supportive community and culture that celebrates each individual’s unique abilities and talents.



Giving our students roots in German and European cultures, we are a community school and, through excellent education, empower our students to contribute positively to tomorrow’s world.


Giving our students wings, we aspire to develop them into life-long learners who will be successful and make a difference.

Guiding Statements

Celebrating German and European roots

GESS is a high-quality international school that celebrates German and European roots and values.

Empowering our Students

GESS empowers all students to become knowledgeable, skillful and resilient individuals to reach their full potential.

Holistic and Humanistic Education

GESS offers a holistic and humanistic education, a choice of curriculum, with social responsibility, in pursuit of excellence.

Prepare Students to become Global Citizens

GESS prepares students to successfully navigate a changing world as global citizens to create a sustainable future.

Be a True Partner for your Family

GESS is a non-profit community school and a true partner for your family.