Gifted and Talented Programme

We identify exceptional abilities in our students and nurture them through dedicated and structured programmes. Our goal is to make our students' learning truly limitless. Learning paths extend beyond the curriculum and classrooms, and there is no limit to how much your child can progress.

How our students benefit

Our students get access to different avenues, both inside and outside the classroom, to strengthen their existing gifts and talents. With expert guidance and mentoring, we help students be more ambitious about pursuing advanced goals in academics (mathematics, literacy and science) and innovation. Gifted and talented students are engaged at age-appropriate levels with targeted lessons and programmes. Through rigorous competitions, real-world opportunities to apply their knowledge and the invitation to drive their own initiatives, students grow into confident individuals with unique advantages when it comes to further education and future careers.

Unique activities and experiences

For students who are particularly skilled in mathematics, literacy, and science and surpass grade-level expectations, we extend their learning to a more advanced level to challenge them appropriately. This keeps students fully engaged in their learning and allows them to discover the full extent of their potential. We use assessment data and teacher recommendations to identify such exceptional students.


Literacy and Writing


Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Innovation, Entrepreneurship and STEM

We guide our innovation-minded GESS middle and high school students to explore project ideas, develop the right skills for invention and become more enterprising. They get guidance and mentorship to excel in competitions like Science Olympiads and robotics tournaments. Students can access support and resources to pursue passion projects and entrepreneurship ventures of their choice. The programme is led by the school’s dedicated Innovation Coordinator.

Service and Sustainability Initiatives

We enable our students to make a positive change in society. Through integrated curriculum activities and after-school passion projects, students can drive initiatives to address societal issues. Whether it’s volunteering in the community, designing eco-friendly projects or advocating for important causes, students will learn to be global citizens who create impact with their exceptional abilities.