Principal's Welcome

Welcome to GESS! I am pleased that you want to know more about our school.

As one of the leading international schools in Singapore, GESS is home to students from over 68 nations worldwide. We are for many families the home away from home and we are very happy that they are part of our school community which is based on mutual support and solidarity. With our language programme we support our students to nurture this part of their identity and want to preserve the opportunity that they can grow up with multiple languages to be best prepared for an international environment. With the German International Abitur or the IB Programme they are perfectly prepared for their career after school. It is important to me that our students enjoy lifelong learning and we take pride in our GESS values of respect, openness and diversity which our students will nurture in their life after school.

We were awarded with the “Deutsche Schulpreis” (German school prize) 2022, which was given to us for our extraordinary concept according to their motto “Make teaching better”. We stand out as the only German school abroad nominated for this award.

Alongside teaching in the classroom, we show our students that learning is not limited to our Campus, but we are open to the local, regional and worldwide community. Many companies joined our BeyondClassrooms programme. In collaboration with these partners, we regularly organise specialised lectures where high-level experts share their insider knowledge about the industry with the community, site visits and give our students the opportunity to gain practical experience during an internship. In the course of their school career, a GESS student will actively participate in social projects.

The Junior Engineer Academy offers a unique opportunity in Asia to unfold the students’ abilities in natural science. On the other hand, the Learning Support Centre provides individual assistance if required.

Our “Excellent German School Abroad” (reaccredited in 2021) offers something for every student and the CCA programme on our top-notch campus reflects this very well.

Stefan Pauli
Principal of GESS

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