Language Enrichment Programme

For 90 minutes, every week, your child will have an additional opportunity to use their mother tongue and family language outside the confines of home.

Our experienced native-speaking language trainers deliver an immersive learning experience with authentic language-focused activities such speech games, vocabulary quizzes, storytelling, arts and crafts and more.

As students participate in these activities, conducted in their mother tongue languages, they organically expand their vocabulary, gain confidence in speaking fluently and become more familiar with the nuances of the language. The Language Enrichment Programme (LEP) is a thread that connects students to their family languages and helps them preserve their language skills as an important aspect of their cultural identity.

Who is it for?

Primary School (Grade 1 to 5) students from both the IB Curriculum stream and the German Curriculum stream can enrol in LEP. Students either need to be native/near-native speakers of the language, for their age, or should have satisfactory interactive language skills from prior immersion in the language of choice. This will enable them to optimally benefit from the programme.

When does it take place?

LEP sessions are conducted once a week (Wednesdays) and take place after school. Each session typically lasts for 90 minutes (2.55 pm to 4.25 pm). CCA fees apply.

What languages are on offer?