Non-academic positions – What do we look for and FAQs

At GESS we have a wide variety of non-academic departments that make up our entire support function of over 100 talented individuals from all sectors and industries. We look for real experts in each field and discipline, just as we do our academic staff, as a strong support function through operational excellence is integral to the success of the students and that of our school.

Our different support functions

We support the school in reaching its operational and academic excellence goals across a range of the following disciplines:

  • HR
  • Finance
  • Admissions
  • Communications
  • Marketing including Digital
  • Student recruitment
  • Procurement
  • Information Technology
  • Customer Support
  • Operations and Facilities

What do we typically look for?

Our teams are made up of subject matter experts with an international mindset and a genuine interest in international education. We don’t specifically look for people who have experience in the education sector, unless stated on the job advert, all we are looking for are people who see the connection and the value in what they can contribute and the positive impact this has on the school community.

Any skills, experience or professional qualifications that are deemed necessary for the role will always be detailed on the Job Description.

Our current international school vacancies

Jobs at our International School in Singapore