Great place to work

GESS has been certified as a Great Place To Work. Find out more about what makes us a Great Place To Work from the people who work at GESS.

Our teachers and staff are the pillars of support to ensure all students at GESS are empowered to contribute positively to tomorrow’s world and thrive to their full potential. As a leading holistic international school, we strive to be a premier employer who offers a diverse, multicultural workplace.

I feel supported, seen and empowered and I'm still highly motivated to do a very good job.
Ambassador X
I really enjoy the work atmosphere at GESS and the Teamwork.
Ambassador Y

Our Values


We show respect to each individual, diverse cultures and origins, heritage in arts, humanities and science as well as our community and our environment.


We are open to different opinions and ideas, we learn from our past successes and failures and also adapt to trends to stay relevant.


We build a supportive community and culture that celebrates each individual’s unique abilities and talents.