Your child deserves to feel safe and know that people care

Your child’s socio-emotional wellbeing matters to us. Our counsellors are here as an additional and friendly point of support for your child. With years of professional experience, they create a comforting space for students to open up about anything that is troubling them. They also help students with personal, emotional and social development.

Initiatives from our counsellors include:

  • Pink Shirt Day which advocates for anti-bullying
  • International Peace Day and World Mental Health Day celebration
  • T.O.P.S. Peer Support Programme
  • In-class character development programmes and more

Creating a bullying-free school

Our counsellors are committed to raising awareness about bullying, reaching out to victims of bullying and helping bullies change their behaviour.

Anti-Bullying Day

At GESS, we strongly believe that nobody deserves to be bullied and every child ought to feel secure in school. To this end, every year, our counsellors organise Anti-Bullying Day (also known as Pink Shirt Day) to bring more awareness to bullying and to encourage every single student on campus to stand up against bullying. Our counsellors' doors are always open. Counsellors seek to help with the trauma of bullying, empower them to be more confident and assertive against bullies and build a supportive network of friends in school.

T.O.P.S. Peer Support Programme

T.O.P.S. (Trustworthy, Open-minded, Peer Support) is a cross sectional program which aims to develop leadership skills to foster connectedness amongst students and a sense of responsibility towards our school environment. The students take part in a training process gaining knowledge and practical skills needed to teach resilience-based in-class lessons and provide in- person support to fellow schoolmates during lunch breaks.

Protecting Children From Danger, Neglect and Abuse

Our counsellors, together with our child protection officers, are also key players in enacting the Child Protection Policy at GESS, which is committed to protecting children from danger, neglect and abuse (physical, sexual and psychological). The three main elements of our Child Protection Policy are prevention, protection and support.

The counsellors actively train all staff on campus to look out for signs of abuse and neglect in children and report these cases. They then take professional action to protect these children.