From the first bite of the day to the post-school snack, our canteen operators plate up nutritious dishes for your children everyday.

Our canteen services are provided by Howe Catering who have many years of experience serving meals at international schools around Singapore. On a daily basis, freshly prepared hot and cold meals, snacks and drinks are on offer to suit every taste. We have also a Grab-and-Go Sandwich Bar with gourmet bread choices and a salad bar with a wider selection. The menu is designed to provide a selection of dishes from both local and international cuisines.

Sample canteen menu

A wholesome lunch set for students in the primary grades costs $5.50 and is inclusive of a main dish, vegetables/salad and fruits/desserts. Lunch meals for students in secondary grades cost between $5.50 to $6.50 and include a variety of a la carte choices that are served with either rice or potatoes, and a portion of vegetables. Rice served will be basmati or brown rice.

Students can also look forward to pasta and pizza of the day, and sandwich bar and salad bar offerings which are all priced accordingly. All breads and pastries are homemade using wholemeal products (including pizza bases and sandwich breads). Here is a sneak peek into what GESS students get to enjoy everyday:

Breakfast (made-by-order) All-day Power Snacks Sandwich and Salad Bar Lunch Menu (Set Meals)
Waffles (plain, chocolate chip)
Assorted Pastries (sausage rolls, cinnamon bun, pretzel, apple strudel, etc)
Roast of the Day Sandwich
Western Main: Schweinebraten
Pancakes (plain, chocolate chip)
Wholesome homebake cookies (oat & raisin, apple & cinnamon grainy scroll, chocolate brownies, etc)
Ham/Salami Sandwich
Asian Main: Teriyaki Fish
Omelletes (plain, cheese, ham, tuna, mushroom)
Homemade smoothies and soft yoghurt
Chicken / Tuna Sandwich
Roast of the Day: Roast Beef with Gravy
French Toasts
Popcorn bags
Vegetable Sandwich
Pasta of the Day: Aglio Olio with Italian sausage
Toast bread / Croissant
Sausage Rolls
Cheese Sandwich
Pizza of the Day: Gammon Ham Pizza
Cereal bowl
Freshly squeezed juices
Tuna, Egg and Cucumber Sushi
Noodle/Rice: Hainanese Chicken Rice