A typical day in Primary School


Bus drop-off at School

Students can be dropped off from 07:30 and will be supervised by teachers. They can enjoy supervised outdoor playtime with their friends until the morning bell.


Morning Bell

Teachers take the attendance at 07:50 and classes commence at 08:00. Students have three lessons in the morning before recess.


Morning Recess

Students eat snacks and lunches in the canteen. After this, students have two lessons


Lunch Break

Grade 1 students are accompanied during lunch by their class teaching assistant and are seated at a designated table in the canteen. After eating, students may play in the outdoor play areas and have two more lessons before dismissal time.


Bus pick-up from School 

Grade 1 students are escorted by teachers to school buses, CCAs or to wait for their parents. There is a teacher on duty in the bus area to assist. Grade 2 through 5 students are dismissed independently, once they have learnt the routines.


CCA Programme

The after-school programme comprises of everything from music, language enrichment, sports, artistic disciplines to social activities and natural sciences.


Bus pick-up after CCAs

We offer a daily school bus service for students who participate in the after-school programme.